Z – 2015 Graduate

Here is another Senior post as I endeavor to update my blog with sessions…working my way up to this year’s graduates!

Meet Z.  I had the privilege of taking both Summer and Fall pictures in honor of his Senior year!

It was super fun to add so many different lines and textures to Z’s background: limestone, wood, metal, chain link, fence posts, grain bins, trucks, etc…highlighting him and his enjoyment of the outdoors!

Then, as we met for his Fall session, we added a few more pictures to commemorate his years of playing football.

Goodness, don’t you just love his smile and dimple?!

 What a good sport this guy was with all my ideas and thoughts!  I sure hope excelled during his first year of college!!!

D – Senior 2015

I am excited to finally be posting pictures of this young man!  D was super fun to work with and was a great sport each step of the way!

After visiting and narrowing down the looks desired in his pictures, we started his session with a more industrial look.

We also snagged a few pictures with some various textures as we made our way to another special location.

This guy has spent a ton of time running, so it was only appropriate to take some pictures at the track along with items representing his many accomplishments!

Of course, there is nothing like putting in miles on the back roads of your home town!

Although this concluded D’s Summer session, we met again a few months later and caught him with some wonderful Fall color!

We also made it a priority to take some traditional head shots so D could use them with applications and such.

We wrapped up this second session as he wore some attire from the school at which he would be attending college!

I enjoyed every moment of working with D and hope he had a great first year of college!

C – 2015 Grad

When I walked away from the site preview with this young man and his family, I had no doubt that he enjoyed the outdoors and had a soft spot for animals!  I loved how he had this cool area outdoors in which to hang out or tackle projects!

It would have been interesting to capture C with his many other critters, but doing so with these two, sweet pups was super fun!  The adult Lab is the little one’s mama.  (I love the puppy’s eyes!!!)

C chose this rural area for his pictures because he spends routinely bring his dogs here to burn some energy while he explores and takes in the beauty.

Plus, the old bridge back in the woods was a cool backdrop for a few pictures!

We wrapped up C’s session by taking some pictures with his truck…and his dogs.  🙂

Congratulations, C, on all your accomplishments and good luck on pursuing your aspirations!

G – 2015 Grad

In keeping with the goal of updating my blog with Senior Portraits, here is another individual I had the privilege of working with the Summer of 2014.  Hard to believe he will be wrapping up his first year of college this Spring!

Meet G – one who greatly enjoys the outdoors!  You will see this reflected in his Summer and Fall Sessions!

Starting near Haddam and working in the surrounding area provided ideal spots to capture G in his element!

Hay bales and old, railroad fence posts were among the stops made en route to a pond.  Yes, a pond…just for some fishing pictures since he enjoys fishing during the Summer months!

I am so glad we could lock in some memories of G’s favorite Summer pastime, along with his main focus in the Fall – hunting!  Almost all of G’s Fall Session centered around his enjoyment of hunting!  Such a fun session!  It was a tad bit early in the season for full blown color, but we found a few pockets here and there that provided a little pop of the desired color!

The woods just seemed like an appropriate place to stop for some pictures since most of his hunting is done among all the trees!

I loved this unique addition to G’s pictures…a large buck he had taken a while back and had mounted!

I think I could have taken pictures all day of this guy, his gear, and his deer!  🙂

I loved every minute of working with G and his family!

G – Graduated 2015

Time sure flies by!  Has it really been a year and a half since this young lady was in front of my camera?!?

The calendar says it is true…sigh…such a reminder to treasure the time we have with what is before us!  (It also highlights HOW LONG it has been since I have had time to blog!!!  So sorry about that!  I am enjoying the change of being able to do so now!  I have so many wonderful Senior images to share!!!)

After visiting with G, we developed a game plan into which we incorporated the backgrounds and items she desired in her pictures – one of my favorite parts of working with others!  There is just something special about brainstorming on behalf of a client, finding ways to make their pictures personal and meaningful that is very rewarding!

I was glad G was able to bring her puppy along…what a little cutie!

We stared G’s session at an old farmstead (which I LOVE) near Haddam!  There are so many nooks, looks, and lines to work with that I can bring clients here often and have their picture look completely different each time!  It was a great spot for G!

G’s interests are broad and her achievements are great, definitely worth commemorating!

These next few pics were so fun to take as we stopped here and there through Haddam!

When I saw how her outfit matched this car, how could we not stop and snap a few memories with it?

We wrapped up G’s session while observing a sweet sunset!

Thanks for trusting me with some of your Senior memories, G!