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Just Because

While busy with editing pictures, enjoying company, traveling and the grind of every day life, my camera remains active!  Here are some “just because” pictures taken as life continues to move forward.  🙂 (You may notice I have a weak spot for sunsets as you look through these random pictures.)  🙂  

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A Massive Post – MANY Random Pictures!

It has been quite a while since I have posted random pictures taken throughout daily life.  Since my file for such things is so full, I decided now is the time to add such an entry. Be forewarned, there are a LOT of pictures!  Yet, I took each one for a reason.  Whether is was […]

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This and That

Here are just a few pictures taken as we have been coming and going with life!  It is amazing to see the details that surround us when we take the time to just slow down a little and look around.  Hope you enjoy these shots and the beauty they represent!  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  

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