R – 2015 Grad

I remember working with his guy like it was yesterday!!!

I vividly recall visiting the various properties at which he was interested in having his pictures taken – such cool places!

Like this creek…

The Limestone “walls” were amazing but the mosquitoes were thick and thriving!  :) Ha!

It was a super cool location, but our time there was short and sweet!

This old barn was on another piece of property and had so much to work with!

The pasture area held some picturesque areas along with a sweet cow that is special to R’s family!

In honor of R’s involvement with Ag, a nearby wheat field was the perfect place to capture some pictures in his FFA jacket!

The shot below was a team effort!  :)

Special thanks to D, R’s mom, for holding the bottle of milk and dashing away as it was time to click the shutter!

It has been fun to cross paths with R and various events and hear how things have been going since graduation!

College life seems to agree with him!  :)

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know R and his family and look forward to working with them again in the near future as they celebrate the accomplishments of another (upcoming) Senior!

Can’t wait!  :)

J – 2015 Graduate

Since I am focusing on Seniors throughout 2016, I thought I would backtrack and feature Senior sessions which never made it onto the blog, working my way up to those who will graduate this May!

I recently ran into J at a local basketball game and enjoyed catching up a
bit!  Although she has had a lot going on in her life, she is doing well and enjoying her first year of college!

J was absolutely wonderful to work with!  She brought some great ideas to her session, which I had fun implementing during our time together.  She opted to do two sessions.  One during the Summer and another once Fall hit our area.  In fact, we ended up splitting her Fall session into morning and afternoon sessions since there was so much she desired to document!  I have such a hard time narrowing down which pictures to share, so bare with me!  This first set of pictures are from her Summer session.

We started in Haddam, KS and worked our way toward an old farmstead outside of town.

Along the way we stopped by a creek and caught some fun shots near and in the water.  :)

J’s Mom made this special quilt for her…something she will probably treasure forever!

We also passed this field of “flowers”…how could we not stop?!

Finally, we reached the old farmstead.

It was the perfect place to display some of the art work J has made through her HS years as well as the perfect place to play with some paint!  :)

I have always wanted to take some fun pictures of someone splattered with paint…just needed the right person to come along!

She rocked it well!  What a great way to end J’s first session!  So many fun memories!

NOW to her FALL session:

Part 1:  We met early in the morning and were at locations special to her.  We started out around her home.

With another stunning quilt J’s Mom made for her!

A nearby pond where her family kept some of their horses.

Another pasture, up the road and around the bend, where she has fond memories.

Part 2:  After taking a break for a few hours, we reconnected that same evening to wrap up J’s session(s).

J wanted pictures around her High School so we met there and captured more wonderful pictures of her interests and activities!

I had a blast with J and am thankful it worked out to visually lock in these memories for her!

2016 Update and Changes

Goodness!  It was been waaaayyyy too long since I have posted anything here!

I hope to change that this year!  :)

When I first started Shellie Baxter Photography, LLC, it was with an “as it fits into our family’s schedule” approach.  Surprisingly, the business quickly grew into more than I had ever dreamed or planned! To each of you who have brought Shellie Baxter Photography, LLC to where it is today, I say a huge THANK YOU!  Thank you for trusting me to preserve your memories through photography – it has been an honor to work with each one of you!

Yet, the time has come for me to make some changes.  I have weighed in the balance so many things, deciding that throughout 2016 I will only be booking a limited number of High School Senior sessions.  While I will miss working with so many wonderful people through all other forms of photography, this approach for 2016 will help meet the changing needs within my family, as well as provide the time desired for ongoing photography education and the pursuit of a scenery product line.  In advance, thank you for your understanding and your continued support during this year of change!

In keeping with my 2016 focus on Senior Portraits, I hope to regularly post highlights from various Senior Sessions taken throughout 2014 and 2015.  There are some wonderful images, taken in special places, representing various abilities and interests which I simply did not have time to share on this site prior to now!  I cannot wait to feature these amazing individuals in the days ahead!

For updated info on Senior Session options, go to details and click on “investment” and “your session”.

As I mentioned a bit ago, besides pursuing additional photography education, I also hope to develop a scenery product line.  You will be hearing more about this venture throughout 2016!  I am super excited about getting the many lovely images I have on hard drives (like the one below) into various forms others can enjoy!

Taken near Haddam, KS.

Looking forward to all this year holds,


Sister Duo: Scenic Roots

It was my privilege to, once again, capture images for these two as they prepared for an upcoming CD release!

In fact, I have held off blogging about their session on purpose in order to celebrate with them as they launch their newest CD: Reverie – which is happening TODAY!  I am so excited for them!

If you have not heard of Scenic Roots you can learn more about them by browsing their website: www.scenicroots.com and checking out their Facebook Page: Scenic Roots.

If you have not been to one of their concerts, I recommend going sometime!  In fact, you could do so as early as today!  They will be holding a CD release concert this afternoon, August 10th at 2:00pm, at the Brown Grand Theater in Concordia, Kansas!  Admission for this specific event is free!  If you can attend, you will enjoy hearing some of the music from their newest CD: Reverie.  If you should choose to purchase their CD, you will see some of the following images on and within the case!!!!

One of their favorite books…believe me, they have driven all over the place on their music tours!!!

It was mid November last year when we took these pictures…we were thankful to find a stash of leaves still on the ground with which we could incorporate into their session and have some fun! :)

Suckers and swings…adding a little fun flare to go along with a special element of their new release!

A and E, it was wonderful to work with you again!  Thanks for asking me to take pictures for newest adventure!

A – She Turned One!

In keeping with my desire to catch up on blogging…This past Winter the snow was falling hard and fast the day of A’s session.  I was unsure that her parents would be able to make it out our way.  Yet, they blazed a trail in the fresh snow and made it happen!  The snow actually made for some super cute family shots at the end of our time together!!!

It was hard to believe almost a year had gone by since I last had this young lady in front of the camera for her newborn pictures!  It is always SO NEAT to see how little ones grow and change over time!  Her dark eyes, expressive features and engaging personality really drew me in.  She is such a sweetheart!  I loved how her parents wanted to incorporate the board they had used in her newborn pictures, a Christmas flare since she was born in December, and a Mini Mouse theme since A really enjoys her at this stage of life!  Here is a look at some of her fun pictures!