M – Senior 2017 – Fall Color

I had such a great time with M and her family the other day as we captured some pictures for her with Fall color!

The day could not have been more lovely!

It was also fun to have her horse in so many of the pictures, commemorating the many years of doing rodeos together!  Huge props to M’s family for all their help with the horse, trailer, tack and such!

 It was a bonus to wrap up with such an amazing sunset!

I was also able to connect with M and her family the following evening to capture more pictures of her!  Talk about fun!!!  Once again, the weather was amazing, the colors vibrant, and M was stunning as we kicked around the Haddam, KS area.

M, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into what we caught during your latest session!

I can’t wait for you to see the rest of your pictures in the near future!  🙂

M – 2017 Senior {sneak peek}

So many variables had to come together to make M’s session a possibility!

I was so excited when all the details fell into place and we were able to capture M and her horse in and around a wheat field!

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of some highlights from M’s session!  🙂

A – 2016 Graduate

I have loved working with this young lady and her family!!

Her Dad has chosen some of the coolest spots ever in which to take pictures of his girls in honor of their Senior year!

(I was able to take A’s sister’s pictures a few years ago!!!)

For A’s Summer session we started out at an old farmstead which had some neat outbuildings and a big barn – which I LOVED!

Such a great place to capture A!

We made a stop by a wheat field and had a little fun as well!

Now our next location was a first for me…a flowered out field of turnips!  It was very pretty and wispy!

We were also blessed with an amazing sunset as we wrapped up A’s Summer session!

Now for her Fall session:

Believe it or not, all the pictures you are about to see were taken at one location – we just roamed from one spot to another!

Don’t you just love how the pond reflects the Fall color?!

This cool, old, wooden train car made the perfect backdrop for some pictures!

It was also a great place to display some of A’s activities of interest through the years!

Her Dad added his special touch as well, personalizing it in a unique way!

So many unique spots at which to stop!

We concluded A’s session be returning to the pond and taking some fun pictures in the water!  It might have been chilly, but I think she is glad she braved the cold and splashed around!  🙂  L Family, thank you for entrusting me with your memories!  It was a privilege to capture these special pictures for you all!

C – 2016 Grad

I still have a few 2015 graduate sessions to share in my attempt to update my blog, but Graduation for this year’s Seniors is just around the corner!  I thought I would switch gears and focus on them since they are working hard to wrap up their last year of High School!

Up first is C!  Isn’t she lovely?

When she contacted me about her session, she had a lot of great ideas she was interested in capturing!  What you will see below is a mixture of our combined thoughts, props, and ideas!  Her session took place within the Haddam, KS area!

We had such a fun time together!  The weather was perfect and the lighting was beautiful!

A special picture with a picture.  🙂

A quick stop for some shots in the creek was so worth it – mud and all!

This girl has many interests, but she loved the idea of softball pictures in one of her favorite formals!  I really like how these pictures (and many more like them) turned out for her!

As cute as C is when she smiles, she also rocked the serious look!

There are too many favs with the flag to post…here are just a few!

We wrapped up her session with a few hat shots.

And because sometimes an item is held dear, it is added into the pictures as well!

Wishing you all the best as you live each day, walking steadily toward your future, C!

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Today one of my kids excitedly said, “Mom!  Look out the window!  Dexter has a mouse!”  She sure did!

While cats are wonderful at keeping down the rodents around a farm, I have found it interesting that occasionally they play with the mice they find.  Today was just such a day!  Let me just say up front that this game of cat and mouse ends in favor of the mouse!  The way things unfolded made me glad I had the camera nearby…I had never seen anything like this happen before!

Dexter would bat the mouse around.  It would run toward her and nip at her face.  They would rest for a while, keeping an eye on each other.  The mouse would walk around, sniffing, while Dexter watched it before things started all over again.  Here are a few pics of their interaction.

About this time, the mouse made a dash for a nearby tree and up the trunk it went!

It kept going and going, to the very top of a twiggy branch!

Dexter was not ready to be done…up the tree she went in her quest to play with the mouse.

Although Dexter was able to get really close to the mouse, she could not reach it!  That little guy just hung on tight and didn’t budge from his spot!

The mouse waited and waited…Dexter finally gave up – even from waiting at the base of the tree!  Once she was gone, the mouse cautiously made its way down the limb to which it had been clinging!

We sure appreciate our cats keeping down the rodents…helps prevent all kinds of destruction and problems around the farm!  Yet, I found myself cheering for the mouse this time!  I am glad to say it was able to scurry to safety!