T – Senior 2014

This Senior could not have timed his session any better!  :)  They were hoping for a splash of Fall color in his pictures and ended up with a ton of colors from which to choose!  (It can be so hard to time a session for Fall color, you never know exactly when all the color will be at its peak…T hit it just right!)  Here are some of his pictures with awesome color!

I will never forget what happened during his session.  I had switched lenses and casually set the one I was not using on the chair in the above pictures.  I was ready for the chair and just grabbed it, pulling it toward the desired spot.  Upon doing so my lens went crashing to the asphalt…it was like slow motion as I watched it bounce end to end, back and forth on the hard surface.  This was one of my favorite lenses which has been used often!  As anyone with an interst in photography knows, lenses are not cheap…all I could do was look up and say, “God, please don’t let it be broken!!!”  I picked it up but did not want to look it over…didn’t want to know of any probable damage!  We went back to taking pictures and before long we were back in the car and preparing to head to another location.  It was then that I took a deep breath and began to check out the lens.  I was encouraged – the exterior didn’t show any dents or chips and the glass was normal – WOW!!!  I didn’t hear anything rattle on the inside as I moved it around.  So, I put it on the camera body, and took a few shots with it – AMAZING, simply AMAZING!  The thing did not show one ounce of damage!  Everything worked as it should!  I do not know HOW it survived that fall and those bounces but IT DID!  I looked up once again and thanked God for this miracle, for it was huge to me!  Months later, as I continue to use this lens, I am reminded of what it survived and am grateful all over again!

Now back to this awesome guy’s session – T plays the trumpet so it was fun to incorporate his instrument into some of his pictures.

While working around town we were watching the light for just the right time to stop by the Belleville Farm and Home Store to catch some pictures with the tractor out front.  It was kind of funny because we would have some cloud cover and start to head that way only to have the sun pop out, bold and bright, sending us a different direction.  It all worked out in the end but added some humor to our time together. :)

We also spent some time at a farm T’s family owns…loved hearing about the memories they have made out there over the years!  It was also fun to catch some pictures of T with his dog…I remember going into their store and seeing this dog when he was just a puppy!

Wishing T and many other Seniors out there God’s best as they head off to the next thing after graduation this May!

The A Family

It was a privilege to work with the A family again AND have additional family members included this time!  :)  We met at their family farm and worked our way around the area taking a multitude of pictures along the way – there are so many cool spots to take pictures around their place!  Within this blog post I am mainly including the pictures of everyone and individual family units.  To see additional pictures of the couples and kiddos from this session, you can keep scrolling down to the posts following this one.  :)  And here they are, the A Family!

While we were by the hay bales, we snagged a few shots of the kids with their great grandpa!  I think they like him a little bit. :)

Here are some of the individual family units represented:

It is always a treasure to have pictures with our parents…

Wrapping up the large group family pics…

Thanks, A Family, for entrusting me with your family’s memories!

To see couple and kiddo pictures, keep scrolling to the following posts. :)

Him and Her (from the A Family Session)

Throughout the A Family session we took some time to pull each couple aside and capture some images of just them!

The Adroable A Kiddos (from the A Family session)

It was a blast to work with this crew of kiddos!  Each one of them did so well as they bounced in and out of pictures, played when they could, tried to stay clean in white while at the farm, broke out great smiles here and there, and had fun proudly showing me their “work area”.

This is where the kids spend quite a bit of time “working” when they come to the farm.  :)  Oh the memories they are going to talk about one day!

J – Halfway to 1

I was super excited to hear of this young one’s safe arrival into our world after taking his parent’s maternity pictures.  Although he may have had a challenging start, he is doing so well!  It was such a joy to finally meet him, hold him, interact with him, and get a glimpse of the love that surrounds him.  J’s parents simply adore him…he is so blessed to have them in his life!  Here are some picture taken in honor of making it halfway through his first year – he may have the serious look mastered but he also broke out his smile a few times! :)

When we were talking through ideas for J’s session, his mom mentioned bringing along some stuffed pigs which had meaning to their family!  We just so happen to have access to an old hog barn…perfect little set up just for J! :)

From Carhartt to Camo – my kind of little guy! :)

And at his mom’s request, we pulled out some suitcases and staged this little set up…I love the sign they brought with them to add to the mix – absolutely perfect and true!

Thank you, C and L, for entrusting me with your memoires!